SUNDAY DECEMBER 3rd, 10:00 – 14:00 CET

Podere Palazzina Toscana

This workshop brings together the expertise of Laura Anderson, Monica Gentile, and Michael Reiley to offer participants a holistic experience that integrates movement, energy cultivation, and sound. It aims to provide participants with a deeper understanding of their bodies and a sense of inner harmony and balance. The concert at the end is designed to seal in the practices of the day and provide a beautiful and transformative experience for all involved.

Laura Anderson has worked in the world of Pilates both matwork and studio equipment for over two decades and was trained in London. She is also an instructor trainer.

Within this workshop, she will take you on a deep dive into the anatomy and function of the diaphragm, enabling you to release tension from the muscle and understand how through stretching and breath technique it controls heart rate, blood flow, stress levels and, importantly its relationship to the hip flexors and their roles as deep core stabilisers for the body.

Monica Gentile will lead dance the movement of expansion of the breath which is at the origin of life, freeing ourselves from structures and flowing towards vitality.

Composer and therapeutic musician Michael Reiley will close the session with a sound bath concert for integration, reflection, and allowing the movement and breath practices to soak in. His concert will be performing on a grand piano and tuned quartz crystal singing bowls.

To attend on Zoom (your registration includes a recording of the event if you can’t attend live).

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Monica Gentile

Laura Anderson

Michael Reiley