We have developed an integrated framework of movement, somatic body, listening and mindfulness practices. We are invited to teach this workshop in several places in Mexico and Costa Rica. We need to raise funds for pay for our travel costs. Please be a part of our new exploration into a new frontier of artistic research and inquiry. Check out http://listeningbodies.com for more info.


Hello, we are Monica Gentile, Italian/Berlin-based choreographer, dancer, and movement researcher and Michael Reiley McDermott, American composer and teaching artist. We have been working independently in our fields of dance and music for over 15 years.

In late 2017 we began to integrate our teaching modalities into a new system of research for dancers, artists, yogis, and meditators called Listening Bodies.

We have had amazing feedback from the workshops we have taught in Philadelphia and Berlin. We are invited to teach in Mexico and Costa Rica next year. Sadly a funding source did not work out to pay for our travel costs which include:

  • Flights from Berlin to Mexico
  • Buses and smaller flights between Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City
  • Flight to San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Buses and taxi in Costa Rica
  • Flights back to the US and Europe.

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